Analysis and Reporting
The most sophisticated and accurate software, designed by, and proprietary to Bradford Roof Management, is used to analyze field data. Reflecting hands-on knowledge of roofing materials, performance and regionalized costs, the program analyzes field input, then prints data summaries, work budgets, and work orders in an understandable, useable format.
The software features include, extensive and current unit pricing for labor, materials and disposal, with consideration given to work difficulty and regional locale. Information produced includes, identification of specific work items, photos and CADD drawings, estimated costs with recommended timing, comparisons of work cost to roof value, a ratio used to determine when a roof section should be replaced or repaired. A database of as-built materials and conditions with short and long-term maintenance strategies, roof replacement budgets in today’s dollars, by section, area and building are included. Additionally, work orders (by request) detailing specific distresses, exact quantities of those distresses, accompanied by standard methods of repair for each said distress.

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