Implementation and Management
Upon compilation of reports, we review the results with you, pointing out any major developments, and aid you in establishing priorities. Your complete understanding of the program will assure positive results in alleviating crisis management, and allow for competent, proactive, decision making. We can provide as-built data on disk for on-line referral, aid in training your people for routine service and maintenance, and help you with warranty claims.

Regular re-inspections should be considered, and we can aid in establishing the frequency of those subsequent reviews. Typically, the initial survey is a more intensive, as building/area/section identification, drawings, composition cuts and historical data are a onetime occurrence. However, weather conditions, building usage, remodeling and the like vary from year to year, so does the change in the scope and severity of roof related issues and problems. The accuracy of each inspection looses viability over time, if the recommended actions are not addressed timely.

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